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Medium Truck Tires

Transport and trailer tires should be balanced for the same reasons as passenger cars - to:

  • eliminate vibrations
  • give a smoother ride
  • improve tread wear
  • maximize mileage
  • reduce vehicle maintenance costs

Properly balanced tires reduce wear and tear on four valuable assets: the tires, the truck, the driver, and the budget.

The cost of balancing Medium Truck Tires with fixed wheel weights can become prohibitive because fixed weights require tires to be re-balanced at regular intervals, usually every 30,000 miles (40,000 kms). This could mean 8 to 10 balances in the life of the tire.

With Magnum Plus, all truck tires can be efficiently balanced for the life of each tire because Magnum Plus retains its physical balancing characteristics across extended use. 

Steer tires benefit the most from being balanced. With Magnum Plus you will not only get a smoother ride, but you will maximize tread life, since you are helping to  balance the whole rotating wheel assembly, including tire, rim, brake drum and wheel bearing.

Balancing drive tires also makes sense, as it helps eliminate many possible causes of vibration, and reduces downtime in tracing hard-to-find vibrations in drive tire assemblies. 

Trailer tires also benefit greatly from Magnum Plus, since tire hop, tread-cupping and irregular tread wear are all reduced when they are balanced, greatly increasing trailer tire tread life.

And with Magnum Plus you can do this at no extra cost!  Just remove the Magnum Plus from a steer tire before it is retreaded, and install it in a trailer tire! Even if you lose some of the Magnum Plus in the transfer, you can still get a lot of extra (and free) ‘balancing power’.

That is why we say that a balance with Magnum Plus can literally last the lifetime of the tire!

Light Truck Tires

Many light trucks operate in a variety of conditions, both on and off the road. For these, Magnum Plus is especially suitable, since a fixed weight balance can often be ineffective on a vehicle going from asphalt to mud and back.

Magnum Plus works in these conditions, because the micro beads simply re-adjust their position according to the new force created by the heavy spot.  If your tire fills up with mud, then the location and force from the heavy spot changes, and Magnum Plus re-positions itself accordingly.  In short, the self-adjusting features of Magnum Plus means that the tires on your light truck remain balanced at all times. 

Magnum Plus comes in INSERT™ bags that can be easily installed by hand when a tire is being mounted. Just check the Application Chart for the correct size of Magnum Plus to use, and place the INSERT™ bag into the tire during installation. The bag will break open as soon as the vehicle goes down the road, and the Magnum Plus will be activated.

Also, Magnum Plus can help you with those hard-to-balance Mudder tires! For more information on balancing Mudder tires, click on Technical Bulletin,  Mudder Tires.

Specialty Tires & Custom Rims.

Low profile specialty tires and custom rims for light trucks and SUVs represent a growing market, because they can be hard to balance, and besides many users do not want to see unsightly wheel weights on their custom rims.

In many cases Magnum Plus may be able to help.  If your tire is 60 series profile or higher, then Magnum Plus on its own will do the job.  However, if your tire is 55  series or less, then we recommend a Combination Balance, consisting of adding Magnum Plus to your tire, and then doing a conventional static balance on the assembly.   For more information on this topic be sure to read our Technical Bulletin – Balancing low profile tires.

Magnum Plus is not recommended for high performance tires.

Motorcycle Tires

There is no technical reason why Magnum Plus will not work in motorcycle tires. However,we do not endorse its use for motorcycle tires, because we have not done our own testing regarding its use in a variety of on and off road motorcycling activities, and therefore consider that a decision to use Magnum Plus in motorcycle tires must be left to individual owners/riders.

Other Applications

Magnum Plus can help balance many sizes of tires not listed on our Application Chart. For tire sizes not listed, we suggest using the amount required for a static balance, or alternatively, to use approximately 1 ounce of Magnum Plus per 10 lbs of tire weight (60 grams per 10kgs of tire weight).

For specific applications, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Quick Fact Sheet

Magnum Plus Tire Balancing Compound:

  • Lasts for the lifetime of the tire
  • Is easy to install
  • Constantly adapts to wear and tear
  • Doesn't need to be rebalanced
  • Is TPMS compatible
  • Can be re-used in trailer tires


Black’s Tire

We use Magnum daily.  Most drivers love it, very few don’t.  We at Blacks Tire in Rainsville AL recommend Magnum balancing compound highly.

~ Black’s Tire, Rainsville, AL

David’s Commercial Tire, Inc.

We have used other balancing product for several years and have been more than satisfied with quality of Magnum, and look forward to continuing use of your product.

~ David’s Commercial Tire, Inc., Knoxville, TN